NDIA Division Excellence Award

The Division Excellence Award is being established to recognize the hard work of NDIA Divisions and its volunteers. The Award is to encourage all Divisions to reach new and challenging goals.

All Divisions are eligible to qualify for the Division of Excellence Award. Divisions aiming for the Excellence Award must meet criteria to be eligible.

The Division(s) that is/are selected will be recognized in National Defense magazine, on the NDIA website and in the NDIA Division Newsletter. The Division will also receive complimentary registrations for their Board of Directors to their conference or any other NDIA conference of their choice.

Division Excellence Award Criteria

NOTE: In order to apply for the Division Excellence Award, the Division must satisfy the following Leadership/Governance criteria to be eligible.


  • All Division Leadership must be NDIA Corporate Members in good standing as of September 1.
  • The Division's Board of Directors must have met at least once in the past year or in accordance with their Charter.
  • The Division held a strategic planning meeting to map out the rest of the fiscal year.
  • The Division must have a clear Leadership Succession Plan.
  • The Division has an updated Charter.
  • Division Elections were conducted in accordance with their Charter.
  • No individual has served more than two (2) consecutive, two-year terms in an officer position (unless approved by the Division Board, in accordance with the Division Charter or approved by the NDIA SVP, Meetings, Divisions & Partnerships).

  • The following items qualify for one point toward eligibility for the Division Excellence Award.

    Meetings, Conferences & Events

  • Division has held at least two Division meetings per fiscal year.
  • Division held at least one meeting or conference during the fiscal year.
  • Division has produced at least one webinar, seminar and/or podcast.
  • Division Work

    • Division has produced at least one white paper.
    • Division has collaborated with its DoD counterpart and held a webinar or industry day.
    • Actively works with NDIA Strategy & Policy Team.


    • The Division has recruited at least five (5) new Division members.
    • Division recruited at least two (2) new NDIA Corporate Members during the fiscal year.

    Division/Chapter Collaboration

    • Division has members involved in NDIA Chapters.
    • Division has planned/collaborated with an NDIA Chapter for at least one (1) event.


    • The Division has participated in an annual budget review with the NDIA HQ Team
    • Division's meetings, conferences and events break even without overhead.

    Marketing/Social Media

    • The Division has an active social media presence (outside of NDIA’s marketing efforts).

    NDIA Leadership Conference

    • Division Leadership participated in the yearly NDIA Leadership Conference.
    • Division Leadership must plan to participate in the following year’s NDIA Leadership Conference.
    • Identify and submit any topics they wish to discuss at the NDIA Leadership Conference when filling out the application.

    Division Excellence Award Selection Process

    • Division must fill out the application to be considered for the Award by September 9, 2024.
    • NDIA Division Team will review each application and score based on the eligibility criteria.
    • The Division(s) with the highest score(s) will be awarded the Division Excellence Award.
    • Division Excellence Awards will be awarded during the Leadership Conference.