NDIA’s Tactical Wheeled Vehicles Division works to increase understanding of the U.S. military's tactical vehicle needs among all sectors involved. Its annual Tactical Wheeled Vehicles Conference brings together the military services, industry, prime contractors, academia, subcontractors and suppliers to discuss present and future requirements for all services, the U.S. Army Tank & Automotive Command and the departments of Defense and Homeland Security. This annual seminar historically has afforded an atmosphere for open discussions between the customers and the suppliers based on the needs of the military users.


Industry Points of Interest for the Tactical Wheeled Vehicle Community: 

  • The Army has not published a comprehensive TWV strategy in nearly a decade, despite several rumored attempts. What is the status of the Army's Tactical Wheeled Vehicles (TWV) Strategy, and will it be shared with key industry partners if completed in late 2023?
  • What is the Army's strategic objective in pursuing more "commercial" approaches like the current CTT program and potential future TWVs?
  • How will the Army's new TWV Strategy support Multi-Domain Operations and will that strategy be supported with the appropriate resourcing in future President's Budget Requests?

Topics: Tactical Wheeled Vehicles

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Rob Gordon
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