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NDIA's award-winning magazine, National Defense, publishes e-Books online twice a year that are downloadable for free at all times. Each e-Book takes a timely topic and dissects it in various articles written by the magazine staff, subject matter experts, and even leaders from industry, government, and academia. That way, one e-Book offers different perspectives and focus areas, providing readers with the most in-depth and comprehensive publication possible.


In the past, National Defense Magazine e-Books have covered the Defense Industrial Base (DIB), Small Arms, Special Operations Forces (SOF), and Other Transaction Authority (OTA). Moving forward, look out for additional e-Books that cover new and different material.


Logistics Overview 2024 E-book

Future Force Capabilities 2023

Special Operations Tech Review 2023

Vital Signs e-book 2023

AI Sourcebook 2023

Future Force Capabilities 2022

Vital Signs 2022

Special Operations Outlook 2022

AI Sourcebook 2022

2021 SOF Ebook

Vital Signs 2021

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Outlook E-Book

SOF eBOOK Thumbnail

Defense Industrial Base Vitality Outlook

small arms ebook cover

Special Operations Forces eBook

 Other Transaction Authorities

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