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NDIA's award-winning magazine, National Defense, publishes e-Books online twice a year that are downloadable for free at all times. Each e-Book takes a timely topic and dissects it in various articles written by the magazine staff, subject matter experts, and even leaders from industry, government, and academia. That way, one e-Book offers different perspectives and focus areas, providing readers with the most in-depth and comprehensive publication possible.


In the past, National Defense Magazine e-Books have covered the Defense Industrial Base (DIB), Small Arms, Special Operations Forces (SOF), and Other Transaction Authority (OTA). Moving forward, look out for additional e-Books that cover new and different material.

 Special Operations Tech Review 2023
  Vital Signs e-book 2023 Future Force Capabilities 2022 
 Vital Signs 2022  Special Operations Outlook 2022 2021 SOF Ebook
 Vital Signs 2021 Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Outlook E-Book
 SOF eBOOK Thumbnail
 Defense Industrial Base Vitality Outlook small arms ebook cover
Special Operations Forces eBook
  Other Transaction Authorities