The NDIA Health Affairs Division will become the leading industry-focused defense and veteran's health organization by inspiring vital medical and technological innovations; advocating for critical changes in government policies, procedures and legislation; and facilitating key industry, government and academic partnerships to greatly improve diagnostics, treatment and overall care for members of the U.S. military and their families.


 The objectives of the Health Affairs Division are to:
  • Create opportunities to engage with fellow industry leaders, key government influencers and cutting-edge academics on critical issues ranging from research and development and future technologies to requirements development and procurement policy.
  • Identify obstacles and gaps to effective industry/government cooperation, and advocate for key improvements to government policies, procedures and laws.
  • Focus on the healthcare needs of the departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs to improve care across the continuum of need — from battlefield injury to recovery, acute diagnosis to comprehensive treatment, wounded warrior care to lifelong wellness.

Topics: Combat Medicine, Health Care Policies, Health Care Providers, Military Medicine

NDIA Contact

For more information about this group, please contact:

Ms. Britt Sullivan CMP
Senior Director, Divisions
Phone: (703) 247-2587
E-mail: bsullivan@NDIA.org
Kimberly Williams
Director, Meetings & Events
Phone: (703) 247-2578
E-mail: kwilliams@NDIA.org

Division Contact


Policy Contact

For policy-related or congressional inquiries, please contact:

Jennifer Stewart
Executive Vice President Strategy & Policy
Phone: (703) 247-2595
E-mail: jstewart@NDIA.org