The Robotics Division focuses on security-related robotics technology. The group covers development, acquisition, application, integration and sustainment of unmanned ground systems to improve war fighters capabilities and survivability — with an emphasis on underlying technologies that will yield integrated, interoperable unmanned systems to meet present and future operational requirements. The division has their own breakout track in the Future Force Capabilities Conference & Exhibition, highlighting advances in technology that may lead to leap-ahead, semi-autonomous ground robotics systems and operations. The conference’s technical discussions relate to the integration of manned and unmanned systems, and provide a forum for discussion of the challenges of meeting robotics operational requirements. The division sponsors the Ground Robotics Champion and Ground Robotics Technology Innovator Awards.


The division’s goals include:

  • Serving as a coordinator within NDIA to identify, evaluate and provide a consensus view and recommendations on robotics issues and matters that may impact national security and the defense industrial base.
  • Communicating industry’s views to government interests, and in turn giving government and the military services an effective medium to enlist industry support in solving robotics issues and problems of common interest.
  • Informing industry of the government’s acquisition planning, programming and budgeting activities associated with current and future robotics weapon systems.
  • Helping corporate America inform government of the availability and state of readiness of the industry's robotics development and production capabilities, resources and technical capabilities.
  • Sustaining close contact with government, academia and industry on U.S. and allied industrial and governmental robotics events and activities to help avoid duplications.
  • Sponsoring and organizing annual events that serve as a forum for the robotics community to exchange views and information.

Topics: Autonomous, Unmanned Ground Vehicles, Homeland Security

NDIA Contact

For more information about this group, please contact:

Ms. Britt Sullivan CMP
Senior Director, Divisions
Phone: (703) 247-2587
E-mail: bsullivan@NDIA.org
Andrew Peters
Associate Director, Meetings
Phone: (703) 247-2572
E-mail: apeters@NDIA.org

Division Contact

Mr. Matt Dooley
Fidelium, LLC
E-mail: m.dooley.fidelium@protonmail.com

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