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  • Undersea Warfare

    9/16/2019 - 9/18/2019

    2019 Undersea Warfare Technology Fall Conference

    Conference | U.S. Naval Submarine Base New London | Groton, CT
    This annual conference will concentrate on the Navy's core competency mission of countering submarine and mine threats to the free and open flow of sea-borne commerce.
  • Technical Information Division Technical Information

    9/20/2019 - 9/22/2019

    CDM Course and Exam

    Certification Class | Northrop Grumman Facility | Melbourne, FL
    Most organizations recognize CDM processes as keystones in two of the most critical business requirements; managing risk and controlling cost. CDM is a “value added” essential part of business. Accordingly, a reliable means to identify and recognize well-qualified, experienced configuration and data management professionals is essential to establish professionalism in these disciplines.
  • Acquisition

    9/23/2019 - 9/27/2019

    Defense Systems Acquisition Management (DSAM) Course

    Course | NDIA Headquarters | Arlington, VA
    NDIA’s Defense Systems Acquisition Management Course Program's purpose is to bring together the industry program managers, assistant program managers, systems engineers, industry personnel serving on DoD Integrated Product Teams, and other personnel that must interface with DoD program offices involved in program development and execution.
  • 9/24/2019

    Electronics Division Breakfast

    Breakfast | IBM | Washington D.C.,
    The mission of the Electronics Division is to lead the evaluation of current and future challenges, and to develop proposed solutions to address such, for the U.S. Government and industry to access and provide trusted and assured electronics.
  • Image of NDIA and Air Force Warfighting Integration Capability (AFWIC) logos on top of a blue stary background. The NDIA logo is the word "NDIA" in white with the word "100" below, which consists of tiny images of warfighters and weapons. The Air Force logo is an image of an orange bird in the center (with a steel star on its breast), encircled by the words, "Air Force Warfighting Integration Capability - Impact - Develop - Adapt or Die - Design - Integrate. Simulation Modeling Wargaming and Training


    Futures Game 2019 Outbrief

    Meeting | RAND Corporation | Arlington, VA
  • Science and Engineering Technology


    S&ET Division Executive Breakfast

    Breakfast | NDIA Headquarters | Arlington, VA
    The Science & Engineering Technology (S&ET) Division's Executive Breakfast Series provides a forum for government, industry, and academic collaboration related to science and engineering technology advancements in the defense arena.
  • Privacy Program Symposium event graphic Cybersecurity


    2019 Privacy Program Symposium

    Symposium | Raytheon Company | Arlington, VA
    The 2019 NDIA Privacy Program Symposium will address current issues related to privacy compliance and issues throughout the world. This will include compliance, mergers & acquisitions, cybersecurity, International Enforcement, GDPR, and Artificial Intelligence. The agenda includes individual speakers as well as panel discussions of great interest within privacy.
  • Procurement


    October 2019 Procurement Division Meeting

    Committee Division Meeting | American Institute of Architects | Washington, DC
    The quarterly Procurement Division Meeting will feature multiple speakers and panelists addressing current defense industrial base issues and today’s challenges facing the acquisition and procurement community.
  • 10/10/2019

    NDIA Lone Star Chapter's Panel on Implementing National Defense Strategy

    Dinner, Forum | Grapevine Convention Center | Grapevine, Texas
    NDIA is the trusted leader among Defense and National Security Associations. The NDIA Lone Star Chapter will be hosting the Speaker and Panel on the National Defense Strategy event to help build our local defense community in Texas. Especially in the Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin areas, to create a better connection and understanding to the policy decisions in Washington.
  • Technical Information


    AIA/NDIA Technical Data Rights Forum

    Forum | Lockheed Martin Global Vision Center | Arlington, VA
    Convene government and industry to discuss latest legislative and regulatory trends and actions impacting technical data rights.
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