About NDIA Connect


Contribute. Connect. Collaborate.

NDIA Connect is an online community for defense professionals and exclusive benefit for NDIA members that facilitates communication and collaboration surrounding defense- and national security-related topics. All NDIA members have 24/7 access to it, allowing conversations and collaboration to continue well beyond the end of an event.

With the option for both general and specialized communities, discussion threads, document libraries, and expanded collaboration functionalities, NDIA Connect is an all-encompassing resource for NDIA members. As a part of NDIA Connect, members will have the ability to:

  • Connect with like-minded individuals from industry, government, and academia in addition to NDIA’s staff and membership base
  • Stay up to date on NDIA upcoming events, ongoing whitepapers, new policies, announcements, and much more
  • Network with colleagues in your field and any other thanks to the mix of open and closed communities based on your Division participation and interest areas
  • Collaborate on projects to further any given community’s mission and vision
  • Plan meetings, seminars, webinars, conferences, or any NDIA-related event
  • Contribute to documents of all kinds, including whitepapers, agendas, memos, and proposals
  • Use the community to foster discussion, promote innovation, and grow your network

About NDIA Connect