Formerly the Industrial Security Committee of the Procurement Division, the Security and Counterintelligence Division represents member companies’ interests in all matters regarding industrial security. It is responsible for monitoring all security matters relating to the Defense Industrial Security Program, special access programs, and other activities that affect national security programs and corporate assets.

Topics: Intelligence and Surveillance, Procurement, Cyber Physical Security, Facilities Security, Insider Threat, Physical Security

NDIA Contact

For more information about this Division, please contact:

Mr. Dave Chesebrough
Vice President, Divisions
Phone: (703) 247-2597
E-mail: dchesebrough@NDIA.org
Mr. Andrew Peters
Meeting Planner
Phone: (703) 247-2572
E-mail: apeters@NDIA.org

Division Contact

Ms. Michelle Sutphin
BAE Systems
Phone: (703) 907-8356
E-mail: michelle.sutphin@baesystems.com

Policy Contact

For policy-related or congressional inquiries, please contact:

Mr. Wesley Hallman
Senior Vice President for Policy
Phone: (703) 247-2595
E-mail: whallman@NDIA.org

Security and Counterintelligence