About Divisions

NDIA’s Divisions are national volunteer-based groups composed of NDIA members. NDIA has 27 Divisions in total, organized by scientific, technical, and management disciplines, or by operational areas. Each Division has its own elected volunteer leaders, and many also have subcommittees focused on a critical subset of the broader functional area.

The Divisions provide an influential source of input and commentary on Government policy and Congressional legislation from the perspective of impact on the industrial base. They are one of the major reasons NDIA is considered the voice of the industrial base.

Divisions provide NDIA members with an opportunity to:

  • study problems affecting defense and national security

  • develop objective inputs for government colleagues

  • express, with the concurrence of the President of NDIA, Association views on matters within their community

  • facilitate government and industry interchanges

The Divisions often work with the NDIA Legislative and Regulatory Affairs teams to craft inputs on topics of interest to the Defense Industrial Base (DIB), as well as collaborating with NDIA’s geographically focused, grassroots Chapters.


Each of the 27 Divisions has its own process for offering a wide array of opportunities to contribute ideas, make recommendations, and participate in objective studies and analyses with government stakeholders.

Examples of Division activities include

  • planning and hosting conferences that bring together major players in their community interacting on current issues

  • hosting meetings throughout the year addressing specific topics of concern to members and their government colleagues 

  • forming working groups and conducting workshops, providing objective industry recommendations on technology and policy implementation approaches, and publishing reports and white papers that dig deep into specific issues

  • conducting annual awards programs recognizing excellence, significant contributions and individual or group achievements within their communities

  • writing articles for National Defense magazine that offer viewpoints on current events and issues


Divisions are a valuable opportunity for NDIA members to get involved in driving key conversations on topics of importance to the DIB.

NDIA members are eligible to participate in all NDIA Divisions. Join a Division now. NDIA corporate members (members who inherit membership from their organization and are on their organization’s roster) are also eligible to

  • join Division Committees

  • serve on Division Executive Committees

  • hold Division leadership positions

If you have not yet joined your organization’s corporate membership roster, you can join your corporate roster here.

Non-members are not eligible to join NDIA Divisions,* as participation in Divisions is an NDIA member benefit. Interested non-members may join NDIA here.

For questions about Division participation, please contact our NDIA Divisions team.

Click here to learn more about each of NDIA’s 27 Divisions.

* Government Liaison Representatives and selected experts drawn from the academic, engineering, commercial and industrial communities may also participate in Divisions on a case-by-case basis. Participants in Divisions will be required to comply with directives and restrictions imposed by agencies of the government of the United States pertaining to ethics and security.