Chapter Resources

Chapters are the heart and soul of NDIA and are essential to the success and growth of the Association. In order to support your work as a chapter leader, we have created the templates and forms below for your use.

Financial Processes

Financial Forms

For Chapters whose bank accounts are at NDIA HQ, please fill out this form so that NDIA HQ can process a payment.  

For Chapters whose bank accounts are at NDIA HQ, please fill out this form so that NDIA HQ can invoice a vendor.  

Examples of Chapter Operating Processes/Procedures/Manuals


Click here to access Chapter templates (Letterhead, PPT, Chapter Logos). 


Email Marketing

To request NDIA National to send out an email blast promoting your chapter event, please complete the form at least a week before the date of the desired email blast. 

Event Promotional Materials Request

Do you need materials for your upcoming Chapter Event? Please submit the Chapter Event Promotional Materials Request Form with at least two weeks notice to ensure delivery of all collateral.

Event Registration Form

Interested in running event registration through NDIA HQ? Fill out this form. Please submit 3 weeks prior to when registration opens. All information provided should be finalized; no major changes to registration will be made once it opens.   

Social Media & Calendar of Events Request

To get your Chapter event promoted on NDIA National’s social media accounts and/or listed on NDIA's Calendar of Events page, please complete the Chapter Social Media & Calendar of Events Request Form at least a week before your event to allow ample time to market for your upcoming Chapter event.

Speaker Request Form

Would you like for members of our executive team to attend or speak at your event? Please complete the Speaker Request Form at least three months before your event to allow ample time for consideration.


Chapter Rebate Program

More information about our Chapter Rebate Program, which awards Chapters who have actively recruited a new corporate member with 20% of their first-year dues.

Contract Review

Contracts exceeding $30k or 30% of a Chapter's bank account balance, whichever comes first, must be reviewed by NDIA's Contract Review Specialist. If the aforementioned applies to you, please submit this form at least 15 business days prior to signature date of the contract.

Photo & Video Consent

Consent form to photography and video release of chapter events.

Leadership Roster Update

Did you just have Chapter Officer Elections? Please complete the Chapter Leadership Roster Update in order for National NDIA chapter staff to ensure that your chapter listing is up to date in our database and to make sure the correct people are being contacted as representatives of your Chapter.

Donor Thank You Letter Instructions

Instructions for a thank you letter to donors.