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Integrated Precision Warfare (IPW) provides a forum for disparate kill chain experts to convene and collaborate to advance the art and science of precision engagement, thereby sustaining the success of American warfighters and ensuring the safety of our nation. As such, IPW organizes two classified annual events formerly held by the Precision Strike Association: the Precision Strike Annual Review (PSAR) and the Precision Strike Technology Symposium (PSTS). These classified events serve as ethical, collegial vehicles for top federal and military leadership to engage with technical subject matter experts and industry leadership in a candid dialogue that seeks to solve issues along the entire kill chain. To ensure that the topics considered at these events are relevant and timely, IPW members annually visit operational U.S. military commands to gain firsthand knowledge of current operational issues facing the warfighter.


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Integrated Precision Warfare


Integrated Precision Warfare aims to:

  • Foster the critical exchange of ideas between government and industry with a focus on the development, deployment, and employment (both offensive and defensive) of hypersonics, cruise missiles, stand-off weapons, fire-and-forget munitions, precision-guided bombs, smart submunitions, non-kinetic strike systems, and more
  • Leverage the combined knowledge and skills of the Precision Strike and the Strike, Land Attack, and Air Defense communities
  • Facilitate in-depth, classified interactions on the complex and evolving field of precision strike weapons, current operator challenges, and integrated air and missile defense
  • Deliver the technologies and capabilities required by American warfighters and their allies to be successful on the multi-domain battlefield
  • Develop the links and interconnection of a unified kill chain
  • Consider the current and predicted threat environment to stay ahead of the curve and ensure America’s continued military advantage
  • Provide direct access between members of IPW and senior leadership across the Department of Defense, lawmakers, industry, and academia

Topics: Armaments, Ballistics, Bomb and Warhead, Defense Innovation, Emerging Technologies, Missile Defense, Munitions Technology, Warheads, Torpedoes, Safety and Arming Devices, Pyrotechnic Charges, Propellants, Projectiles, Missiles, Mines, Insensitive Munitions Energetic Materials, Bombs, Arm Fire Devices, Precision Strike, Research and Development, Strike Land Attack Air Defense, Air Defense, ForceNet, Land Attack, Strike, Theater Air Defense

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Dan Shaffer
Lockheed Martin RMS
E-mail: jay.d.shaffer@lmco.com
Jeff Braun
Communications Director
Systems Planning & Analysis, Inc.
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John Sordyl
Williams International
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