Dr. T. Yong Han

Group Leader, Functional Material Synthesis & Integration, Material Science Division, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
2022 Breakthrough Energetics Conference : Impact of Adjacent Technologies on Energetics: Additive Manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Autonomous Systems, and Continuous Process, Bio Synthesis (Unclassified Session)
T. Yong Han is the group leader for the Functional Materials Synthesis & Integration group within the Materials Science Division in the Physical and Life Sciences Directorate at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL), managing staff members working in the area of energetic materials synthesis and formulation at the High Explosives Applications Facility (HEAF), a DOE/NNSA complex-wide Center of Excellence for high-explosives research and development that has enabled national leadership in the study of chemical high explosives  Dr. Han is also the program group leader for the Production Enablement and Prototyping program element within the Weapon Physics and Design program at LLNL, managing portfolio of projects with emphasis in developing agile capabilities to accelerate integration of new and emerging materials and technologies to mission relevant areas.  Dr. Han participates in DOE/NNSA/Nuclear Security Enterprise (NSE) wide programs to enhance responsiveness of the NSE complex to changing environments and to promote collaborations across multiple DOE/NNSA laboratories and facilitiesDr. Han has over 60 peer-reviewed publications and his recent research interests include accelerated materials development, optimization and scale-up, application of AI, machine learning and data science for materials discovery, manufacturing and property predictions.  Dr. Han received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Santa Barbara and his B.S. degree from Penn State University, both in Chemistry with emphasis in materials chemistry and applications.  Upon graduation, he joined Bell Laboratories as a postdoctoral fellow and joined the Materials Science Division at LLNL in 2005.