Tracy Sheppard

Chief, Weapons Sciences Division Competency Lead, Weapons Sciences Weapons and Materials Research Directorate
2022 Breakthrough Energetics Conference : Addressing Operational & Requirement Gaps

Mr. Sheppard has over 34 years of service and experience with the research, development, test, analysis, and evaluation of military systems with focus on lethality and survivability testing and evaluation of major defense acquisition programs. Most recently, Mr. Sheppard leads the Weapons Sciences Division at the US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Army Research Laboratory. He leads the Laboratory’s foundational research in the military disciplines of energetic materials research; gun and rocket propulsion; aerodynamics and control systems for projectiles, missiles, and aerial systems; and, guidance and navigation of weapons systems. He began his government career serving as an infantryman in the United States Marine Corps. Following active service, Mr. Sheppard began his civilian career with the Department of the Army at the now Aberdeen Test Center/Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC), serving over 19 years at ATEC. While serving at the ATEC, he attended the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, earning a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. For 11 years, he served as the Executive Officer for Live Fire Test and Evaluation at the Office of the Director, Operational Test and Evaluation, Office of the Secretary of Defense (Pentagon).  Between his earlier years with ATEC and his service at the Pentagon, Mr. Sheppard served for three years as the Technical Director for the Institute of Advanced Technologies, University of Texas – Austin; Washington DC Office. Mr. Sheppard has served for four years as the Chief, Weapons Sciences Division, Weapons and Materials Research Directorate, US DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory.