Robert Bowen

President of Wanakena Consulting, LLC
2022 Breakthrough Energetics Conference : Addressing Operational & Requirement Gaps

As president of Wanakena Consulting, LLC since October 2020, Mr. Bowen has researched and recommended Test and Evaluation (T&E) policy changes for the National Energetics Study and has performed financial analysis in his role as board member of a local nonprofit organization.

Mr. Bowen retired from government service in April 2020 after a 39-year career supporting the acquisition of Army materiel. He served as a senior scientific technical manager (DB V) in the Army Research Laboratory and the Combat Capabilities Development Command’s Data and Analysis Center for from 2006 to 2020. He developed, defended, and managed a comprehensive program of ballistic vulnerability and lethality experimentation, analysis, and assessment that spanned all Army conventional weapons systems. He managed the development, verification, and validation of system-level ballistic vulnerability models and simulations used in analyses that inform acquisition decisions as well as operational weaponeering. During this time, as Associate Director for Strategic Development, he led the development of his directorate’s and center’s strategic campaign plans to align with command campaign plans and Army Modernization Priorities. He also researched and provided policy recommendations to the Army’s Test and Evaluation (T&E) executive on streamlining T&E, right-sizing the Army’s cybersecurity T&E workforce, filling electronic-warfare T&E gaps, and determining the adequacy of targets and threat inventories for future T&E.

Prior to joining the Army Research Laboratory, Mr. Bowen was the Director of the Survivability Evaluation Directorate in the Army Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC) from 2001 to 2006. There, he provided technical and operational analyses and evaluations of the survivability to ballistic, cybersecurity, electronic warfare, nuclear, biological, and chemical threats and countermeasures for all Army developmental and non-developmental ground combat systems, air and missile defense systems, intelligence and information systems, fire support systems, combat support systems and close-combat systems.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Bowen conducted performance, effectiveness, survivability and lethality analyses of a wide range of air and missile defense systems as well as tactical communications systems at ATEC’s Army Evaluation Center (1999 to 2001) and the Army Materiel Systems Analysis Activity (1981 to 1999).

Mr. Bowen received a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1983, a Master of Science in Engineering degree from the Johns Hopkins University School of Electrical and Computer Engineering in 1989 and a Master of Strategic Studies degree from the U.S. Army War College in 2004.