Neil Morrison

General Manager, Milspec Manufacturing
2022 Tactical Wheeled Vehicles Conference

Neil has worked in manufacturing throughout his working life. A graduate engineer that initially joined the Weir Group working on Trident Nuclear Submarine primary coolant pumps. This early part of his engineering journey engrained a strong knowledge of quality control, precision manufacture & of ferrous & non-ferrous metals.

Progressively moving into manufacturing senior management roles in a variety of manufacturing fields with William Holding, Spring Ram and Pentair Inc, the core theme being the implementation of LEAN manufacturing.

Moving to Australia in 2005 Neil has been working with the Milspec team to expand the range of alternators offered by the company to defence vehicle OEMs.

Milspec’s design breakthrough into water cooled permanent magnet alternators has allowed the company to expand internationally providing world leading alternator technology to vehicle OEMs across the world.