Mark King

Innovation Scout, Gravity Drive
2022 Tactical Wheeled Vehicles Conference

Mark King currently serves as the Vice President of Strategic Marketing for Gravity Driven Technology, an innovative mobility technology start-up whose first product is a patented, energy-producing vehicle suspension system that can be applied to any vehicle platform.

In this role, Mark works with the Gravity Founders and engineering team to interpret business strategy into innovative solutions to be implemented on the Gravity system.  He is responsible for identifying innovation and development opportunities, including prototype and product variants, and leads Gravity’s efforts to network with innovation development groups in appropriate industries such as the National Defense Industry and NDIA members.  Mark manages Gravity’s business development pipeline, the go-to-market process, and the development of new marketing concepts with a focus on the Federal Government.

In addition to his role at Gravity, Mark is the Director of Special Projects for PSI, where he leads teams in developing and executing logistical and operational solutions for clients in private and U.S. government sectors. Mark leverages his past experiences in US Special Operations and with Federal and State Law enforcement to enhance clients’ success in challenging environments, with a focus on bringing over emerging and innovative technology solutions from the private sector to help our warfighters compete both on and off the battlefield.