Dr. Philip Perconti, SES

Army (Research & Technology)
Deputy Assistant Secretary
2021 Pacific Operational Science & Technology (POST) Conference

Dr. Philip Perconti was selected as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Research and Technology and Army Chief Scientist in November 2019. He is responsible for policy and oversight of the Army’s Research and Technology program, which spans 16 Laboratories and Research, Development and Engineering Centers, employs nearly 12,000 scientists and engineers, and has an annual budget that exceeds $2.4 billion. 

In this position, Dr. Perconti is charged with identifying, developing, and demonstrating technology options that inform and enable effective and affordable capabilities for the Soldier. His science and technology portfolio covers basic research to demonstrating component, subsystem, manufacturing technology, and technology system prototypes. It is executed by the Army’s research, development and engineering laboratories and centers; academia; and industrial and international partners. 

Prior to this assignment, Dr. Perconti served as Director of the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL), the Senior Executive responsible for setting the strategy, mission and programs for the Army’s Corporate Research Lab, he focused resources, defined technical competencies, prioritized, and leveraged partners through collaborations to execute and transition high-impact research to meet Soldier technology needs. He was responsible for six major technical business units, with over 3000 government & contractor employees and over $1.2 billion annual budget. He had direct oversite and responsibility for the U.S. Army Research Office (ARO), sponsoring over $300 million/year for University Affiliated Research Centers, grants and other university initiatives.  

Dr. Perconti ran the ARL Sensors & Electron Devices Directorate. He was responsible for leading and transitioning the Army’s primary basic and applied research programs in sensors, electronics, sensor information processing, and power and energy technologies. In addition, he led ARL’s S&T campaign for Materials Research. His duties included operation of unique electronics and photonics materials fabrication and characterization facilities. He started the Army’s major research initiatives in Quantum Information Sciences and Artificial Intelligence.  

Dr. Perconti ran the Science and Technology Division at the Night Vision & Electronic Sensors Directorate (RDECOM/C5ISR). He led the Army’s applied research and manufacturing technology programs for uncooled and high performance cooled infrared sensors; the uncooled technology is used in multiple Soldier night vision and targeting sensors; the cooled (3rd) Gen technology is entering production for the next generation of infrared targeting and reconnaissance systems. 

Dr. Perconti was selected in 2013 to the Senior Executive Service. He holds a Doctor of Science degree from The George Washington University. He is a Federal Laboratory Consortium Laboratory Director of the Year and is Northeastern Maryland Technology Council Visionary Leader. He is a Technical Fellow of the Military Sensing Symposium. Dr. Perconti has published extensively on many aspects of military sensing, machine learning and countermine/counter IED technology. He has authored and co-authored over 50 publications, including three book chapters. He holds two patents.