Dr. Brad Dickey

Center for Naval Analyses
Senior Research Scientist
2021 Pacific Operational Science & Technology (POST) Conference

Dr. Bradley Dickey has almost 15 years of operations research experience at the Center for Naval Analyses. He has spent half of his career working at military commands providing on-site analytical support. Currently Dr. Dickey serves as the CNA Field Representative to Commander, US Pacific Fleet, where he has worked on topics such as warfighting assessment, fleet surge, exercise reconstruction, and pandemic disease spread.

Previous field billets include a three year assignment at Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center (NSAWC) where he provided analytical support for tactics development to the instructors at the United States Navy Fighter Weapons School (TOPGUN). This included observations and data collection from the backseat of high performance fighter jets, and on the ground at weapons training ranges. From 2008 to 2011, Dr. Dickey was the CNA field representative to Commander Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC), at Stone Bay, North Carolina. In early 2008 he deployed on USS Fort McHenry (LSD 43) as the CNA Analyst for Africa Partnership Station, a COMNAVEUR initiative to increase professionalism in the Navies of West Africa.

In Washington DC, Dr. Dickey served as an analyst on the Fleet Plans and Logistics team. In that role he led teams of analysts to study and reconstruct large exercises (Valiant Shield 2016 and 2018, Northern Edge 2017) afloat and ashore; he also worked on force integration topics, such as studying and advising on the process of integrating women into the US Marine Corps ground combat element and on Special Operations teams. Additionally, Dr. Dickey has worked a variety of civilian and agricultural disaster-preparedness and disease outbreak projects, including designing and developing a table top exercise for the USDA/APHIS National Animal Health Laboratory Network, to explore how different states and territories would respond to an outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza. This exercise was delivered to all 50 states. His analytical expertise includes parametric and permutation statistics, deterministic and stochastic simulation models, game theory, and application of the experimental-design/ systems-approach to event and exercise reconstruction.

Before joining CNA, Dr. Dickey was a Director of Central Intelligence Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine, where he developed a large scale, spatially explicit, stochastic simulation model to provide realistic predictions of disease spread. Brad was a Howard Hughes Medical Institute and National Science Foundation doctoral fellow at the University of Kentucky where he received his PhD in Biology. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, ΦBK, from Haverford College, in Philadelphia.