David Cooper

Milspec Manufacturing
Managing Director
2023 Tactical Wheeled Vehicles Conference

David Cooper is an Australian design engineer and entrepreneur.  He is founder and owner of Milspec Manufacturing the privatized successor to government owned Australian Defence Industries (ADI). When working with ADI, Mr. Cooper led design and production their computer controlled live fire target system used in 80 countries. While expanding business in the civilian sector Milspec has maintained deep roots in the defence working with industry leaders such as BAE, Rheinmetall and Thales.

Most noteworthy, Milspec designed and manufactures the only Permanent Magnet Alternator to meet Military standards. Milspec’s patented Permanent Magnet Alternators are smaller, lighter and more power dense than traditional Induction alternators and they can output nearly 100% capacity at typical engine idle speeds, reducing or eliminating the need for tactical idle while saving fuel and reducing emissions.