Joy Shanaberger

Deputy Secretary of Defense for Innovation
Senior Advisor
34th Annual NDIA SO/LIC Symposium

Joy A. Shanaberger is a prominent figure in business scaling and national security, currently serving as the Senior Advisor for Innovation to the Deputy Secretary of Defense. Her expertise in defense acquisition and military strategy has been instrumental in optimizing industrial capabilities for national security and fostering innovation. She's recognized for her problem-solving prowess, often called upon in challenging situations to find solutions, benefiting defense-centric private equity funds and U.S. defense logistics operations, ultimately enhancing the safety of war-torn regions.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Joy is an impactful entrepreneur with a mission to improve the well-being of military veterans and drive sustainable community growth. She also takes her passion to the boxing ring, where her annual matches channel proceeds toward supporting special operations and veteran communities. Mark your calendars for her upcoming match on 11/16/23, as Joy's relentless commitment to innovation and community service continues to make a meaningful impact in both national security and the business world.