Andrew Carter

COL Andrew Carter, USA (Ret)

Anduril Industries
Senior Director of Strategy
34th Annual NDIA SO/LIC Symposium

Andrew is a Senior Director of Strategy at Anduril Industries, a venture-backed, defense technology company whose mission is to transform US and allied military and national security capabilities with advanced technology.  He joined Anduril in 2020 after retiring from the US Army after completing a nearly 26-year career.  At Anduril, he has worked on a variety of unmanned autonomous systems projects and numerous strategic initiatives of the company.

Andrew graduated from the United States Military Academy in 1995 and spent his first 8 years in the Army leading Air Cavalry organizations and flying reconnaissance / attack helicopters.  In 2003 he was assessed into the Army’s Acquisition Corps, where he served in a variety of assignments across the entire lifecycle of the DoD acquisition process to include: requirements generation; overseas contingency contracting; contract administration in the aerospace industry; and program management and integration.  His two final Army assignments were as a Contracting Director at Army’s C5ISR Center and as the Program Director for Terrain Following Radars at the United States Special Operation Command.  In his final assignment, he also initiated and led a business reform pilot program with the Chief Management Officer for the Department of Defense.

During his time in the Army Acquisition Corps, he served as an instructor / course developer for the Army’s Acquisition Center of Excellence developing and teaching Defense Acquisition University accredited courses in both Program Management and Contracting.  He also completed the Advanced Civil Schooling Program (University of California at Los Angeles, MBA) and the Army’s Training with Industry Fellowship Program (with AIRBUS Defense and Space).  He attained the highest Department of Defense level of certification in both Program Management and Contracting.