Online Certificate of Military Vehicle Technology

Online Certificate of Military Vehicle Technology – 150-180 hrs


The Certificate of Military Vehicle Technology provides professionals with an in-depth study into the engineering science and technology used in the design of modern combat and logistic vehicles.  The course has been specifically designed to meet the knowledge and practice needs of both technical and non-technical professional working in the fields of engineering, project management and logistic support.

The certificate comprises three (3) separate modules of study.  Each module covers four different topics and require approximately 50-60 hours of personal learning and study, including completion of quizzes and assessments.  At the conclusion of each module, students are required to sit and pass a 90 min online exam.

As part of the course, students receive an e-copy of the course folder, course presentation slides, a transcript for each learning module, access to an amazing range of specialist videos, a formula booklet and copies of a selected range of relevant references.

This Certificate provides a unique learning opportunity and pathway to new knowledge and skills.

Module 1 (50 - 60 hours) – Introduction and Understanding Military Vehicle Design (Combat, Logistic & Amphibious)

  • Introduction to military vehicles (3 hrs)
  • Fighting vehicle design (3 hrs)
  • Logistic vehicle design (3 hrs)
  • Amphibious vehicle design (3 hrs)
  • Vehicle mobility (1 hr)
  • Readings
  • 11 quizzes
  • 2 x assessments
  • 90 min online exam

Module 2 (50 - 60 hours) – Engines, Transmissions, Hybrid Electric Drives & Automotive Performance

  • Engine technology (3 hrs)
  • Transmission and driveline technology (4 hrs)
  • Tracked vehicle steering and transmissions (4 hrs)
  • Automotive performance (3 hrs)
  • Readings
  • 9 quizzes
  • 2 x assessments
  • 90 min online exam

Module 3 (50 - 60 hours) – Tires, Handling, Suspensions, Vehicle Dynamics and Vehicle Mobility

  • Tire technology (3 hrs)
  • Vehicle handling and wheeled vehicle steering (3 hrs)
  • Suspensions, ride and human response to vibration (4 hrs)
  • Terramechanics and mobility (4 hrs)
  • Readings
  • 10 quizzes
  • 3 x assessments
  • 90 min online exam

Student testimonial:

“Having worked in a material acquisition for the past 18 years and as the System Engineer Manager for a Light Armored Vehicle Project at the edge of technologies for the last 8 years, I can guarantee you that this course has hit a home run for me. I was looking for an on-line course that would go over the different trades-off that designers and decision-makers go through to achieve an optimal state-of-the-art product. The course provided great coverage of Mobility, Firepower and Protection trade-offs to the ones at the sub-system level.  The entire course with support from EIT is a very well oiled machine. Great course, thanks and definitely highly recommended.”