Introduction to Military Hybrid Electric Drive Vehicles

Introduction to Military Hybrid Electric Drive Vehicles – 2 hr


This 2 hour short course provides an excellent overview into the concepts and technology used in the design of hybrid electric drives and their application to modern combat and logistic vehicles. The course is aimed at anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the current state of play surrounding military hybrid electric drives and technology.

As well examining applicable technology, the course provides a historical overview of hybrid electric drives, the current driving forces and technological trends, and key operational and technical trade-offs faced by users and designers of this technology.

During the course, you are provided with access to an expert presentation, course notes, readings, and curated videos.  A series of quizzes will further assist you to develop your knowledge and understanding of military hybrid-electric drives.

Student testimonial:

“I think this course is a great starting point to approach military hybrid-electric vehicles. The explanations are very clear and useful! I really enjoyed it!”