Model Based Systems Engineering (Practitioners) Workshop

Model Based Systems Engineering (Practitioners) Workshop - 32 Hours

The on-demand Model Based Systems Engineering (Practitioners) Workshop teaches participants the fundamentals of MBSE across the systems engineering V from concept definition through to verification and validation using INCOSE and ISO 15288 standards process.

This cleverly designed and developed MBSE course has been specially designed to practice you in a proven modelling methodology supported by a simple to use and easy to learn system modelling tool.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Apply the systems engineering method using the latest modelling approaches to the design of complex systems,  
  • Develop coherent and integrated operational, functional, physical model using an easy to understand and proven methodology,
  • Model integrated system functional and physical architectures, and the associated interfaces,
  • Develop a verification cross reference matrix (VCRM), and learn how to model and allocate important V&V attributes,
  • Create an integrated system model using a modern and easy to use system engineering tool, and
  • Understand the role of System Modelling Language (SysML) within MBSE and the key factors involved when deploying MBSE within an organization.

The course case study follows the design of a new complex system to demonstrate the considerable benefits and power of MBSE. It is therefore ideally suited for the training of staff new to MBSE and those needing to understand MBSE modelling concepts and methods without getting lost in the complexity of SysML or high-end MBSE tools.