Model Based Systems Engineering (Fundamentals)

Model Based Systems Engineering (Fundamentals) Workshop - 28 hrs


Are you unsure of exactly what Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is, what its key features and benefits are, and why it's becoming the gold standard for engineering complex systems?  Are you still doing systems engineering using inefficient, out-dated and document centric approaches? 

If you are, then this new and innovative 28 hour, self-paced Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) course teaches participants the fundamentals of MBSE and how it can practiced within the INCOSE and ISO 15288 standards process.

Cleverly designed and developed, the MBSE workshop has been specially designed to practice you in a proven modelling methodology associated with design of complex systems.

PLEASE NOTE:  This course requires the download and installation of a software tool.   This MBSE tool is a simple to use and easy to learn! It needs to be installed on a PC based computer or an Apple MAC running Parallels (or equivalent software). Students have free access to the software tool for 30 days.  

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • apply the systems engineering method using the latest modelling approaches to the design of complex systems,  
  • develop coherent and integrated operational, functional and physical models using an easy to understand and proven methodology,
  • model integrated system functional and physical architectures, and the associated interfaces,
  • create an integrated system model using a modern and easy to use system engineering tool, and
  • understand the role of System Modelling Language (SysML) within MBSE and the key factors involved when deploying MBSE within an organization.

The course case study follows the design of a new complex system to demonstrate the considerable benefits and power of MBSE. It is therefore ideally suited for the training of staff new to MBSE and that need to understand MBSE modelling concepts and methods without getting lost in the complexity of SysML or high-end MBSE tools.

As part of the course, you receive an e-copy of the course folder, transcripts, audios and access to a great range of quizzes. There is also free access to the easy to use and learn systems engineering tool, plus step-by-step tutorial documentation, tutorial templates, and copies of the course references.

Student testimonial:

“Overall, I really enjoyed the course. It allowed me to progress at my own pace. It also allowed me to have a hands-on approach to modelling. This was a more in-depth approach than the masters of SE I previously did. I would highly recommend the course to any practitioner needing an introduction to the processes, methodology and approach to MBSE, as well as practitioners who need a refresher course.”