Ray Colón

Ray Colón

Chief, Conventional Ammunition Division, Project Manager Combat Ammunition Systems
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Mr. Ray Colón is currently serving as the Chief for the Conventional Ammunition Division (CAD), Project Manager for Combat Ammunition Systems (PM CAS) at Picatinny Arsenal, NJ. Mr. Colón has over 33 years of Acquisition and Program management experience.  Mr. Colón oversees the portfolio of conventional mortars and artillery ammunition used by the US Army, US Marine Corps, US Air Force Special Operations and many allied countries. He is responsible for the development, acquisition and production of the aforementioned items while managing a yearly budget of approximately $500M per year.  He directly supervises over 43 engineering, administrative and acquisition personnel. Additionally, he provides leadership, direction and guidance to DEVCOM multi-disciplined technical teams equivalent to almost 200 man-years.

Mr. Colón determines priorities, exercises direction, control, supervision, and coordination of all decisions relating to the management of ACAT 3 and 4 conventional indirect fire ammunition production projects and Materiel Change Programs.  Mr. Colón’s responsibilities also include looking out for the health of commercial and organic industrial base.  In addition, Mr. Colón is also currently supporting the Long Range Precision Fires (LRPF) CFT by presiding over the development of high priority programs such as the 155mm XM1113 Rocket Assisted Projectile, and the XM655 Supercharge and XM659/XM660 Stub charge programs.  He also presides over the development of key LRPF CFT enabler programs such as the 155mm XM1128 Base Bleed projectile and the Multi-Option Fuze Artillery II (MOFA II).  Mr. Colón is currently overseeing the upcoming fielding of the 81mm M821A4 which is Army’s newest enhanced lethality mortar high explosive cartridge.

Mr. Colón’s former positions include Chief, Conventional Mortar Ammunition Branch, PM CAS; Lead Systems Engineer/Strategic Planning Officer in PEO Ammo; Program Management Engineer, NLOS-Mortar in PEO Ammo; Project Management Engineer in Crusader Program; and Systems Engineer, M119 Howitzer and 155m Lightweight Howitzer programs.

Mr. Colón obtained his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering degree from the University of Puerto Rico, School of Engineering in 1989. He holds dual Acquisition Level III Certifications in Program Management and SPRDE, he is Lean Six Sigma Green belt certified, and is a graduate of the Army Management Staff College. He is the recipient of two Commander’s Awards for Civilian Service, and a team member for David Packard Award for Excellence in Acquisition.  Mr. Colón is a member of the Order of Saint Barbara (Artillery) and in 2019 received the NDIA Firepower award.

Mr. Colón has lived in Mount Olive, NJ for 33 years and is married to Ms. Mayra Colón with whom he has two sons.