Help shape the Division’s future priorities by nominating a passionate, dedicated and innovative business colleague or yourself for Chair or Vice Chair.

The Electronics Division is currently holding elections for Chair and Vice Chair for a two-year term (January 2024 – January 2026).  These key positions will help guide the Electronics Division to continued success.

Chair – One position available; 2 year-term
The Chair is the first leader in charge of the Division and is elected to the position. The Chair is to direct volunteer leaders from a specific community within the defense industrial base toward achieving NDIA’s six strategic priorities. The Chair shall present his or her proposed committee organization and individual appointments to the Division, who will approve the organization by simple majority vote. The duties of this position include scheduling, conducting, and approving meeting agendas. Further responsibilities of this position are establishing and maintaining the Division’s organization and work program, considering new opportunities, and recommending to the NDIA Staff such actions as are deemed appropriate to encourage vigorous and effective activity on the part of the Division. The Chair is to review and approve recommended special purpose subcommittees with appropriate functions as needed to carry out the Division’s work program. The Chair is to safeguard the interests of NDIA by carrying out the policies, aims and purposes laid down in the Charter of the Division, the by-laws of the Association, and standing NDIA policies and practices.

Vice Chair – One position available; 2 year-term
The Vice Chair is the second leader in charge of the Division and is elected to the position. The Vice Chair is a member of the Division’s executive committee. The duties of this position include assisting the Chair in the operation of Division affairs and any other responsibilities assigned to him or her by the Chair. In the absence of the Chair, the Vice Chair presides over Division meetings and functions. The Vice Chair is responsible for assisting the Division in reviewing and revising the charter and bylaws to keep the Division relevant to the international community and to ensure the Division is compliant with organizational and procedural principles emanating from NDIA.

Nominations for Chair and Vice Chair will be accepted no later than Monday, November 27 at 5:00 p.m. EST.  When submitting for either yourself or for others, those nominated must be a NDIA corporate member and a bio/resume must be provided.

If interested, please fill out the nomination form here

If you have any questions, please reach out to Alex Pilkington at apilkington@ndia.org.