Past Proceedings

Electronics Division Webinar

Title: Exploring Emerging Technologies: Radiation Hardened Technology, an Industry Perspective

Date: September 17 2020

Q&A Slides to follow 


  •  Todd Brusnighan, Export Compliance Manager, Intel Export Compliance
  • Chris Hart,  Sr. Director of Marketing and Business Development, IR HiRel, An Infineon Technologies Company
  • Tony Jordan, Business development Site Lead  and Senior Director Semiconductor and Space Solution, Cobham Advanced Electronics Solutions
  • David Rea, Advance Technology, On-Boarding and Cyber Space-Systems Director, BAE Systems
  • Dr. Warren Snapp, Solid-State Electronics Development Systems Technology Manager, Boeing Research & Technology


Electronics Division Meeting

Title: Exploring Emerging Technologies: Radiation Hardened Technology, a Government Perspective

Date: July 16, 2020

Q&A Slides


  •  Rachel Barnhill, Microelectronics Research, Development, and Acquisition, Office of Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (NA-11), National Nuclear Security Administration, US Department of Energy
  • Kaila Raby, Sr. Manager, Group 5250, Advanced CMOS Solutions, Microsystems Engineering, Science and Applications (MESA) Center, Sandia National Laboratories
  • Matthew Kay, Matthew J. Kay, Ph.D., T&AM DoD Unique Needs Project Lead, SRHEC Executive Secretariat, OUSD(R&E)
  • Andrew Daniel, Radiation Effects Engineer, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory


Electronics Division Webinar

Title: Understanding Blockchain Technology for Trusted Microelectronics Supply Chain Applications

Date: November 5, 2019

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Note:  The webinar was originally scheduled for October 22.