Paul Gietka

Paul Gietka

Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (CBRN) Integration
Joint Project Lead
2022 CBRN Defense Conference and Exhibition : Developing Physical Capabilities to Address CBRN Threats Panel

Mr. Gietka is the Joint Project Lead for Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (CBRN) Integration delivering integrated, layered CBRN defense across combined, and Joint All-Domain Operations for the Joint Program Executive Office for CBRN Defense (JPEO-CBRND). In this role, Mr. Gietka performs as the total lifecycle systems manager for his assigned program and leads the cross-portfolio Integration efforts of the JPEO-CBRND.

Paul grew up in Baltimore, MD. He graduated Magna Cum Laude with Bachelor of Science and Master of Science Degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. He is Army Acquisition Workforce Level 3 certified in both Program Management and Engineering and is a member of the Army Acquisition Corps.

Mr. Gietka has served in the role of JPL CBRN Integration since December 2021. Previously, he was the Director for CBRN Integration in the Headquarters of the JPEO-CBRND. From June 2011 to October 2016 he served as the Deputy Chief for Portfolio Integration at the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Headquarters where he led the Command’s integrated Program Objective Memorandum development prioritizing over $9B across six Army Centers and the Army Research Laboratory. Mr. Gietka has led or worked on numerous programs across the JPEO-CBRND, including Integrated Early Warning Enhanced Capability Demonstration, Next Generation Point Detector, Joint Material Decontamination System, Joint Service Sensitive Equipment Decontamination, Family of Tactical Obscuration Devices, and L96A1 Anti-Riot, L97A1 Anti-Riot Training, M90 Smoke, M98 Distraction, and M99 Blunt Trauma grenades. Mr. Gietka has worked for the Department of Defense since June 2002.

Mr. Gietka’s awards include the Superior Civilian Service Award (2016) and Achievement Medal for Civilian Service (2014).

Paul currently resides in Bel Air, MD with his wife, Kimberly (Chief Operating Officer) and son, Paul III.