Safety and Environmental Engineering

This committee was formerly known as the Environment, Safety and Occupational Health committee but has changed its name to avoid conflict with the new DoD 5000 Adaptive Acquisition Framework policies (pathways and functional).  Typically, industry and DoD programs manage System Safety and Environmental Compliance separately.  The committee emphasizes that these  need to be fully integrated into overall Systems Engineering and Program Management.

Recent activity includes:

  • Presentation by Erin Beck of Naval Air Systems Command, PMA-268 ESOH Lead – “Introducing ESOH Engineering into Product Support Activities”
  • Presentation by Lori Hales of Booz Allen Hamilton – “NDIA Systems & Mission Engineering Conference”
  • Introducing Defense Standardization Council (DSC) Joint System Safety Standards Working Group (JSSSWG)

Committee Chairs

Mr. Sherman Forbes

Mr. Tim Sheehan
Raytheon Corporation