The Agile Delivery for Agencies, Programs & Teams (ADAPT) is composed of industry and government representatives working to advance the adoption of agile methods and DEVSECOPS in Government software acquisition.

The purpose of ADAPT is to facilitate industry-government interaction in policy, legal/contractual and technical areas directly related to understanding, assessing and implementing agile methods in programs, projects and procurement. Such interaction is intended to further understanding of agile methods, when they are appropriate for use, and how they may be implemented within the context of systems acquisition. ADAPT promotes the use of agile methods and DEVSECOPS not just for software development but also for both hardware and organizations.
ADAPT was brought into the Systems Engineering Division when it became clear that the Agile Acquisition Pathway identified agile and DEVOPS as desirable acquisition methods.

The objectives of ADAPT are to:

  • Build a community of practitioners and proponents of agile methods to include the acquisition arena and to showcase proven techniques, and associated concepts, tools and training.
  • Promote understanding of agile methods and their implications, adoption requirements, and benefits
  • Host agile workshops series that focuses on bringing together recognized experts in the agile domain to address specific agile adoption challenges in information systems acquisition and make the outcomes publicly available.

ADAPT was established in February 2011 as a result of the first NDIA conference on agile development for DoD in December of 2010. 


Dr. Suzette Johnson
Software Systems Engineer, Senior Fellow, Northrop Grumman


Robin Yeman
Colorado State University

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