Virginia Sniegon

In recognition of superb contributions to the advancement of precision strike systems, the Precision Strike Association takes great pride in awarding the 23rd Annual William J. Perry Award to Virginia “Ginny” Sniegon.

Ginny served our country faithfully with an expansive career in the pentagon on the Secretary of Defense Staff and at the Institute for Defense Analysis. Her passion was in Precision Strike, ensuring our Nation maintained its decisive military edge. Her knowledge of the Defense strategic and budgetary processes, as well as her personal connections throughout the Pentagon were second to none, she knew “the Building”. Over her six-decade career, she was a true champion for our National Defense, and especially for Precision Strike.

Ginny was dedicated, loyal, and driven to make Precision Strike and the Department of Defense as strong as it could be. She was the foremost champion of Precision Weapons Systems and used her connections to senior leadership to transform the Defense Post-Cold-War Culture of massed strikes to surgical strikes. Her contributions to the state of the art in Precision Strike are marked by the enormous improvement in reduced civilian loss of life and vastly strengthened national defense capability and deterrence.

She tirelessly promoted precision strike with the whole government/industry team pushing our warfighters’ precision strike capabilities ever higher. Ginny’s dedication is largely responsible for significant increases in weapons capability and precision targeting over the last several decades. Through her efforts, PSA and NDIA have reached thousands. She has truly made a difference for our nation, our military, and our PSA team.

As PSA’s Programs Chair, Ginny had an uncanny ability to put a national program together in a way that “educated” both attendees and speakers alike. She ensured speakers were well informed and coordinated, the resulting coherent, informative and productive events that helped solve the most daunting defense challenges. Through her cutting edge classified Precision Strike Events, Ginny was able to elevate the critical challenges to senior leaders across Defense, Industry and Academia.

Virginia “Ginny” Sniegon is the embodiment of the Precision Strike credentials for the William J. Perry Award. The breadth of her contributions to the Precision Strike Community is staggering and is in keeping with the highest standards set forth by Dr. Bill Perry. The Precision Strike Association takes great pride in presenting the 23rd William J. Perry Award to Ginny Sniegon. A grateful precision strike community and nation are forever better for Ginny’s devotion.

March 26, 2019