Dr. Paul Kaminski

In recognition of superb contributions to precision strike systems, the Precision Strike Association takes great pride in awarding the Nineteenth annual William J. Perry Award to Dr. Paul Kaminski.  The award honors the immediate and long term impact that Dr. Kaminski has had on the United States precision strike combat advantage. His visionary recommendations focusing on a dramatically changing security landscape in the 1970s, 80s and 90s provided us with the force multiplying technologies that have set us apart over the last two decades; networked precision strike, stealth attack and persistent surveillance capabilities for maneuver forces.  Dr. Kaminski’s accomplishments are truly a testament to the exemplary nature of this award and honor Dr. William J. Perry.

Dr. Kaminski has been a longtime advocate for capabilities to enhance US precision engagement advantage. His impact on National Defense and DoD Science and Technology are still being felt today. The DoD “offset” strategy for S&T is very much in alignment with his notion of maintaining our competitive advantage through enabling technology. Dr. Kaminski has helped to ensure that the future of precision strike is firmly in the hands of American power projection over the coming decades.

Commencing with his 20 year Air Force career, Dr. Kaminski was fully enmeshed in the Precision Strike Community. Early in his career, he was responsible for test and evaluation of inertial guidance components for the Minuteman missile and terminal guidance systems for the first precision guided munitions. As Director for Low Observables Technology,   USAF Special Programs Office, he had direct oversight of the F-117, stealth missile programs (tactical and strategic), and the B-2 development. He also led the initial development of a National Reconnaissance Office space system and related sensor technology. In today’s parlance, he was instrumental in shaping the 2nd Offset Strategy. During Bill Perry’s SECDEF tenure, he was the DOD Acquisition Executive (now USD AT&L) where he championed numerous Precision Strike Weapons, Systems and Sensors that have served as the bedrock for our technological advantages today. 

Dr. Kaminski has been a leader in innovation, technology advances and autonomous systems across the Department of Defense. As part of his responsibilities as Chairman of the Defense Science Board (DSB) he led studies on autonomous systems that ranged from robots, UAVs to automated logistics supply chain management, and many more. His efforts as Chair of the DSB also included the task force on Resilient Military Systems. Having robust offensive capabilities is only part of the picture. Dr. Kaminski’s recommendations also focused on improving resilience of DOD systems to cyber-attack, consistent with his visionary meme. 

Dr. Kaminski’s contributions have continued across his impressive private sector career. From entrepreneur and major laboratory advisor, to Department of Defense consultant and Aerospace and Defense Industry executive, he truly has been omnipresent in U.S. technical efforts in precision guided weapons. He has authored publications dealing with inertial and terminal guidance system performance, simulation techniques, Kalman filtering and numerical techniques applied to estimation problems. 

Since Dr. Kaminski embodies the Precision Strike credentials of the William J Perry Award, it is fitting that he receive this award following in the footsteps of his friend and mentor. The breadth of Dr. Kaminski’s contributions to U.S. Precision Strike is staggering and is in keeping with the highest standards set forth by Dr. Bill Perry.