Dr. William Roper

In recognition of superb contributions to the advancement of precision strike systems, the National Defense Industrial Association’s Integrated Precision Warfare Division takes great pride in awarding the 22nd Annual William J. Perry Award to Dr. William Roper, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition. The award honors the immediate and long-term impact that Dr. Roper had on the United States precision strike combat advantage. A career visionary leader, he has amplified the necessity and criticality of precision strike through tireless advocacy and support.    

As the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, Dr. Roper’s determined leadership provided the catalyst for fundamental streamlining of the Airpower Precision Strike Systems around the globe resulting in significant warfighting improvements across the force and for our coalition partner nations. He directed continuing efforts to rapidly improve and field groundbreaking technologies in support of next generation air-launched weapons and capabilities. His leadership in the rapid development and prototyping of air-launched hypersonic weapons programs and joint fires integration has led the way for innovative long range, high-speed weapon strike capabilities. Dr. Roper’s innovative Vanguard strike programs have been the pathfinder for collaborative engagement of precision strike weapons and enabled more affordable mass and volume of fires forward in the battlespace.  Dr. Roper’s drive for innovation and the rapid fielding of leap ahead capabilities is a hallmark of his career and has resulted in a renewed spirit of excellence.

Dr. Roper’s leadership and career spent promoting precision strike with the whole government/industry team has continually and consistently pushed the zenith of precision strike higher. His rapid prototyping and fielding in support of acquisition reform has led the precision strike community to focus on maintaining a competitive edge against peer adversary capabilities. To help speed capability to the force, he focused Program Executive Offices and their Industry partners on the unique issues presented by emergent adversary weapon systems in the anti-access area denial environment leading to a refocus and prioritization on the high-end fight in the Pacific theater. Through determined leadership, Dr. Roper brought the entire joint airpower warfighting team together in order to get the most out of joint fires and precision strike capabilities. Specifically, Dr. Roper was responsible for significant increases in high speed weapons capability and rapid prototyping for fielding critical weapon systems that are key to our ability to win in any campaign. 

Dr. Roper is the embodiment of the Integrated Precision Warfare credentials for the William J. Perry Award. The breadth of his contributions to the U.S. Air Force and the Precision Strike Community is staggering and is in keeping with the highest standards set forth by Dr. Bill Perry.