Small Arms

Track Theme: Next Generation of Integrated Small Arms Systems: weapons—ammunition—training

Countering terrorist forces in cities around the world, American forces – both military and law enforcement alike – require the best equipment and technology available to create overmatch on the battlefield. Only through the efforts of the government and industry working together on a wide range of technology focus areas will the tools necessary to support our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines be realized.

Small Arms Focus Areas

The Small Arms Track focus areas range from incremental enhancements to fielded legacy small arms systems to enabling technologies, such as fire control improvements, use of robotics and digitization of small arms systems on the battlefield, to improve precision and increase lethality.  The small arms agenda seeks to bring together government and industry, manufacturers and users to support this objective for the military and law enforcement communities.

Warfighter armament systems and complementary emerging technologies—enabled by DoD technology and system initiatives as well as industry and academia focus areas offer a vision for significant advances in capability together with continued modernization and readiness of legacy systems and technology. The forum agenda seeks to capture these initiatives to enable dialogue evolving armament systems with capability across the expanded threat spectrum.

Abstracts that address developments in the following focus areas are being solicited for the 2018 small arms forum:

  • individual weapons & equipment
  • small arms ammunition
  • crew-served infantry weapons
  • grenade launcher systems (individual and automatic)
  • fire control technology
  • modeling and simulation
  • less than lethal systems
  • training devices and systems
  • related enabling technology
  • sensors and related systems
  • modular and flexible armament systems and technologies
  • network systems enabling armament communication and linked capability
  • manufacturing technologies
  • logistics and maintenance technologies and capability

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