Guns, Ammunition, Rockets and Missiles

Track Theme: Technology, Integration, Innovation: Realizing the Future of Gun, Ammunition, Rocket, and Missile System Modernization

The guns, ammunition, rockets, and missiles (GARM) agenda seeks focus on moderization to leverage the benefits and improvements of legacy systems with advanced technology and emerging system integration and platform capabilities. the forum will provide an opportunity for government and industry to collaborate on a number of technologies and topics pertaining to future conflicts.  Enhancements to conventional and next generation systems and subsystems for air, land, and sea applications will be included. 

Leaders in the Military Services and Department of Defense will be included in the agenda, with a focus on modernization technologies and systems.  The GARM Track focus areas include: 

  • establishing new emerging armament system and technology for the evolving and expanding threat spectrum—modernization priorities
  • evolving enhanced legacy system capability
  • addressing new and upgraded platforms integrating armament systems (manned and unmanned autonomous) (land, sea, air)
  • ammunition (guidance and control, fuzing, warheads, propulsion)
  • tactical missiles and related technology
  • tactical rockets and related technology
  • enabling technologies (fire control, turrets, recoil mitigation, artificial intelligence, sensors, communication, etc.)
  • GPS capability, GPS denied topics, alternatives etc.
  • industrial base considerations
  • manufacturing technology and approach advances
  • new technologies
  • armaments impacting platform advances
  • autonomous capability
  • training technology and systems

Abstracts that address developments and initiatives in the above-mentioned areas are being solicited for the 2019 GARM Track that pertain to

  • system upgrades and introduction of new advanced armament systems
  • ammunition
  • tactical missiles
  • tactical rockets
  • programmable and sensor activated fuzing
  • precision capability
  • fire control and related sensors
  • direct fire guns
  • indirect fire guns
  • armament systems
  • conventional systems
  • hypervelocity systems
  • directed energy
  • em systems
  • warheads and energetics
  • missiles
  • rockets
  • modeling and simulation
  • training innovations and capability
  • advanced manufacturing
  • system integration technologies and subsystems (loaders, fire control, etc.)
  • advanced technologies
  • networked munitions

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