Track Descriptions

Armament Systems Forum Overview

The forum includes tutorials, keynote speakers, panels, technical papers, exhibits and a firing demonstration.  These program elements address the challenges, trends and opportunities across the full spectrum of Armament Systems for land, sea, and air capability.  The annual Armaments Division forum is organized by its committees into the following tracks:

  • Small Arms
  • Guns, Ammunition, Rockets, and Missiles
  • Unconventional and Emerging Armament Systems

Each of the tracks are concurrent parallel sessions that provide synergism, communication, and networking opportunities across the armament community, ensuring great value and benefits for attendees and exhibitors.  The concurrent track sessions will also allow for an expanded number of technical/oral presentations and poster presentations addressing subjects relevant to evolving integrated armament systems for individual and platform application.  The individual committees will plan agendas focused to the topics and scope desired by each community.

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Track Descriptions