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Who We Are

As a productive link between the NDIA Staff and the Executive Team, the Association’s volunteer-led Employee Council provides an important forum for individuals within the group to voice their thoughts and ideas, plan office-wide activities, and contribute to NDIA’s overall mission. Every employee is welcome and invited to join the Employee Council and any of its Committees: Welcome, Wellness, Social, and Service Leadership.


Welcome – Ensures a smooth and reassuring transition for all NDIA employees by connecting new ones with current ones.

Wellness – Promotes the physical and mental well-being of the Association through the development of health-conscious initiatives that are open and accessible to all.

Social – Enhances the interpersonal and interdepartmental working relationships at NDIA by organizing social events that bring NDIA employees together.

Service Leadership – Fosters personal and professional development at all levels through volunteering and sustainability efforts.

Social Events: Every so often, the NDIA Staff is invited to get together in a social and informal capacity where there is food, drink, and fun conversation. At such events, attendees boost morale and strengthen their working relationships.

On-Site Trainings: As part of NDIA's commitment to personal and professional development, the Employee Council has the opportunity to organize on-site, staff-wide yet voluntary trainings in areas such as First Aid and CPR/AED for the benefit of the Association overall and the many attendees of our events.

Step Challenge: To celebrate the beginning and then the ending of the warmer months, the NDIA Employee Council’s Wellness Committee hosts a step challenge in which teams of four to five employees compete for four weeks to see who can take the most steps in the month. Not only does the step challenge’s friendly competition foster rapport, it encourages healthy habits that benefit all involved.

Abs & Stretching Class: In addition to the step challenge, the NDIA Staff is welcome to participate in a weekly Abs & Stretching class led by a trained professional to develop and maintain fitness throughout the year. This development opportunity offers a productive way to decompress and reenergize apart from one’s desk. 

Fruit on the First: Led by the NDIA Employee Council’s Wellness Committee, the NDIA Staff is provided a variety of fresh fruit for the taking on the first Monday of each month. This initiative is aimed at further improving office-wide health and morale.

Full Circle Home: Twice a year, NDIA works with Full Circle Home to honor, celebrate, and connect our warfighters and their “Heroes at Home.” By lending a hand to Full Circle Home, our Staff contributes to the foundation’s work and mission—both of which are related to those of NDIA.



For more information about the NDIA Employee Council or to submit a suggestion, email us at EC-Leaders@NDIA.org


Employee Council