Core Values

Core Values Overview  Accountability, Collaboration, Customer Focus, Ethics, Professionalism, and Teamwork By demonstrating NDIA’s six core values and participating in professional and personal development activities, NDIA employees further the Association’s mission: Foster a strong, resilient defense industrial base that equips, trains, and sustains our warfighters.   Every two months, NDIA’s Employee Council presents its ACCEPTional Awards to staff members who have embodied and demonstrated these six core values. These awards not only recognize employees’ hard work and dedication to NDIA; they also act as reminders of NDIA’s appreciation for all that our employees accomplish.  Accountability is showing a commitment to excellence by taking full responsibility for your part in the organizational success of NDIA. It also includes acknowledging a team member’s contributions and achievements that are in support of the NDIA mission. We recognize that the quality of our performance directly impacts our members and customers' ability to achieve success. We see it, we own it, we solve it, we do it, and we stand behind it.  Customer Focus involves ensuring that all aspects of the Association put our members and customers' satisfaction first. It includes seeing our colleagues as our internal customers and treating them with the same commitment as our external customers. We value input from those we serve and recognize the importance of active listening, timely learning, and continuously improving.  Collaboration means working and thinking together to create a product from the efforts of the entire group. Everybody is an equal partner and contributor for the goals that may morph and change over time. Each department may have different goals, but we come together as one to accomplish the goals of NDIA.  Ethics require conducting yourself and all NDIA business with integrity and a sense of financial responsibility. We are committed to conforming to the highest level of ethical standards. The services and decisions we offer will be honest, fair, and impartial.  Professionalism means maintaining the highest standards for how you present yourself and NDIA to others. Professionals are dependable and reliable while fulfilling assignments on time that provide high-quality results. A high standard of excellence drives us to provide outstanding levels of support, service, and products. We strive to be exemplary in all activities and continuously exceed expectations.  Teamwork requires working in a cooperative and coordinated way to accomplish a joint outcome. Effective teamwork includes respecting diverse ideas, welcoming open communication, and showing mutual respect. We aim to make the best decisions collectively and in the best interest of the organization. As a team, we capitalize on the strengths of each member.