Diversity and Inclusion

Demographic Representation

  • X:X female:male ratio
  • X:X employee:boss ratio
  • Small business
  • X:X Veteran staff ratio, including some employees who are either still on active or reserve duty
  • X:X military:civilian ratioincluding some employees who are either veterans or still on active or reserve duty
  • Languages spoken: English, Spanish, French...
  • General demographics

NDIA is committed to removing barriers and providing opportunities for both our employees and the conference attendees we serve. We strive to make our events, work spaces, websites, and interactions fully accessible to persons with disabilities in order to provide a welcoming and more fulfilling work and conference environment.

NDIA is committed to providing equal opportunity in employment.



Hawk Carlisle

President and Chief Executive Officer



Jim Boozer

Executive Vice President



Scott Rekdal

Vice President, Marketing & Communications


For more information about culture, careers, and benefits at NDIA, contact Charlie Hickman, Director of Human Resources, at chickman@NDIA.org