Attendee Information


Appropriate dress for the conference is as follows:

Civilian: Business Attire
Military: Uniform of the Day


During conference registration, each attendee will be issued a conference badge. Please be prepared to present a valid picture I.D. Badges must be worn at all conference functions.



On Thursday, May 25 (Conference Day 3), the 23rd Annual Science & Engineering Technology Conference will feature a classified session. This session is classified as Secret U.S. Level; you must be a U.S. Citizen holding a secret clearance or higher. 

For information on how to submit clearances, please visit the Security Clearance Information page. 

Prohibited Items

Attendees will not be allowed to take briefcases, bags, electronic devices, or other personal property into auditoriums excluding woman’s handbags; however, handbags will be inspected upon entry into all sessions. An electronic device is defined to include cell phones, two-way radios, AM/FM radios, personal digital assistants (PDAs) such as tablets, palm pilots, Fitbits, Smart Watches, and blackberries; laptop computers; cameras; video/audio recording equipment, pagers, or any other transmitting device.


Shuttle service is complimentary with transfers to and from The Emily Morgan Hotel and San Pedro 1. Please see the agenda for the full schedule.