Dr Thomas Hardjono

MIT Trust Data Consortium
CTO of Connection Science and Technical Director
7th Annual New England Cyber Conference : Delivering Advantage: Cybersecurity and Innovation
Dr Thomas Hardjono is the CTO of Connection Science and Technical Director of the MIT Trust-Data Consortium at MIT in Cambridge, MA. USA. He is an early pioneer in the field of digital identities and trusted hardware, and instrumental in the development and broad adoption of the MIT Kerberos authentication protocol. His activities include leading standard development efforts, notably at the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), IEEE, Trusted Computing Group, Confidential Computing Alliance and others. He has published over 70 technical conference/journal papers, several books and over 30 patents. He is currently involved in several startups around the MIT community. His current area of interest is Web3 Digital Assets, with focus on the interoperability of asset networks and survivability of these networks against cybersecurity attacks.