Allison Giddens

Win-Tech, Inc.
President, Operations
7th Annual New England Cyber Conference : Security and Compliance for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses
Allison Giddens worked for small business manufacturer Win-Tech, an aerospace precision machine shop in Kennesaw, Georgia, before buying the company with her business partner in 2020.  From assistant to co-owner over the course of 16 years, Allison now leads as President for business operations while her business partner, John Hudson, leads manufacturing. 

She holds undergraduate degrees in psychology and criminal justice from the University of Georgia, a Masters in Conflict Management from Kennesaw State University, a Masters in Manufacturing from Georgia Institute of Technology, and a Certificate of Finance from the University of Georgia.  She also holds certificates in event planning and cybersecurity risk management. 

Allison is actively involved in local workforce development and industry associations, and helped found the Georgia Chapter of Women in Manufacturing.  She also serves on The National Defense Industry Sharing & Analysis Center as a Small Business Working Group co-lead and Board Member.