Dr. Steve Dam

Systems and Proposal Engineering Company
2023 Human Systems Conference : PANEL: Opportunities and Issues in Digital RFPS and MBSE

Dr. Dam is the President and Founder of the Systems and Proposal Engineering Company (dba SPEC Innovations), based in Manassas, VA. He has been involved with structured analysis, software development, and system engineering for over 40 years. He participated in the development of C4ISR Architecture Framework (now DoDAF), the Business Enterprise Architecture (BEA), and Net-Centric Enterprise Services (NCES) architecture. He currently is applying system-engineering techniques to various DoD and DOE projects. Dr. Dam is the author of four systems engineering-based books, including his most recent: “Real MBSE: Model-Based Systems Engineering Using LML and Innoslate.” Dr. Dam has a BS degree in Physics from George Mason University and a PhD. in Physics from the University of South Carolina. Dr. Dam is also an INCOSE certified Expert Systems Engineering Professional (ESEP).