Mohammad Ehteshami

Beehive Industries
Chairman and CEO
NDIA DVC Naval Nuclear Submarine and Aircraft Carrier Supplier Conference : Technology Review Panel
Mohammad Ehteshami is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Beehive Industries where he is building the business to support the aerospace and defense industry with US¬ based additively enabled contract manufacturing and low cost, attritable jet propulsion. Prior to Beehive, he was instrumental in building some of the world's most advanced jet engines during a 35-year career at GE where he held executive leadership roles in GE's Aerospace, Additive, and Oil & Gas businesses.

While CEO of GE Additive-created through the acquisition of six companies under his leadership-Mohammad launched fifteen additive products, including an industry first certification and production of additively manufactured jet engine fuel nozzles.  These nozzles are used in CFM's LEAP engines that power the popular Boeing 737 MAX and Airbus A320neo families of airplanes.

While he was the VP of Engineering at GE Aerospace, he was responsible for commercial, military, and aeroderivative engine programs, including their design, development, certification, qualification, and field services.  His commercial engine introductions for GE and its joint ventures ranged from their smallest; GE Honda's HF120, the narrowbody workhorse, CFM's LEAP series, the ultimate for large-class business aviation, GE's Passport, the game changing GEnx for the 787, to the largest and most powerful GE9X, as well as many military engines like the incredibly advanced adaptive cycle XA100.