Giorgio Olivieri

Applications Manager
NDIA DVC Naval Nuclear Submarine and Aircraft Carrier Supplier Conference : Technology Review Panel
Giorgio Olivieri is the Applications Manager at Meltio.  His venture into Additive Manufacturing (AM) began in 2018 with the MiTxPRO course, eventually leading him to become a community teaching assistant. Currently serving as the Applications Manager at Meltio, Giorgio plays a crucial role in advancing the company's mission to revolutionize metal additive manufacturing through wire-laser metal deposition (LMD) technology. Meltio develops high-performance, affordable, and user-friendly metal 3D printing solutions, with a product portfolio including the Meltio M450, Engine CNC Integration, and Engine Robot Integration. Meltio is committed to disrupting the industry and pushing the boundaries of additive manufacturing, evident in the recent launch of the Meltio Robot Cell. The company's systems share a patented LMD-based process capable of manufacturing parts using commodity welding wire. He holds a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering and received his MBA from University of Bradford School of Management.