Lisa Graf

Chief Sustainment Engineer, PEO Ground Combat Systems
2020 Virtual SO/LIC

Lisa Graf has over thirty-one years of experience as a Mechanical Engineer in the automotive industry in product design, development, testing and validation and as a systems engineer, program manager and technical director for the U.S. Army.  Ms. Graf’s experience in the automotive industry includes working on programs throughout the entire lifecycle, serving in engineering positions and senior management roles providing leadership, mentoring and management oversight in the engineering design, development and production domains. She has also served in other key leadership and management roles in both private sector and within the US government. Ms Graf’s experience with manufacturing, process development and improvement, and efforts in developing related strategies, yielded increased efficiencies and reduced costs in both her private and public sector missions.

Ms. Graf’s current strategic leadership position is Chief Sustainment Engineer for Program Executive Offices (PEO) Ground Combat Systems (GCS).  In this role, Ms. Graf and the Industrial Base and Sustainment (IBAS) team of engineers and logisticians keep the GCS fleet up and running at all times.  This team also resolves emergent design, quality, obsolescence and supply chain issues. 

Recently, Ms. Graf and the IBAS team have taken the lead to determine a new Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) process in conjunction with Headquarters, Department of the Army (HQDA) and the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD). Their visionary SCRM efforts employ state of the art commercial Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) tools to continually assess companies and determine where risk exists.  This includes risk elements that may impact microelectronics and cyber, foreign influence through mergers and acquisitions, financial stability of companies, and many other factors.  The team then recommends mitigation efforts to these discovered high-risk areas. Ms. Graf and the IBAS team are leading the way initiating, establishing, and executing critical processes in conjunction with other impacted government agencies to ensure a best-in-class Army SCRM mission.