Dr. John Raquet

It is with great pleasure that the NDIA’s Integrated Precision Warfare Division presents the 2022 Richard H. Johnson Award to Dr. John F. Raquet.

The Johnson Award recognizes outstanding personal technical achievement resulting in significant contribution to precision strike systems. The impact of Dr. Raquet’s many excellent contributions have certainly been felt in the precision strike community.  Dr. Raquet is a significant technical leader with over 32 years of experience in designing, executing, researching, developing, testing, integrating, and implementing state-of-the-art alternate open-architecture Position, Navigating, and Time (PNT) hardware and software systems. 

Like Dick Johnson, for whom the award is named, John developed a professional and personal career path focused on warfighter technology-related research, development, test and evaluation (RDT&E), and education that have made a significant impact on warfighter operations requiring precision engagement. Dr. Raquet has over 30 years of United States Air Force (USAF) service (14 as an Active Duty Officer and 16 as a Professor at the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT)).

Dr. Raquet led technology advancing efforts for a wide range of U.S. warfighters.  Like Dick Johnson, John is recognized as a mentor, by generously sharing his insight, and leading, motivating, teaching, advising scientists and engineers as well as developing and teaching courses in navigation and alternative PNT capabilities, vision-based navigation, navigation using signals of opportunity, and magnetic field-based positioning.

John’s career has enhanced the operations of the U.S. Navy, Air Force, and Army. He has supported precision strike systems in the multi-service environment as Founding Director of the Autonomy and Navigation Technology (ANT) Center. In addition, after joining IS4S, he co-led the development of pntOS, which is a software plugin open architecture designed to enable rapid development and modification of PNT sensors and sensor fusion algorithms.  pntOS enables operational systems to quickly bring in new alternative PNT capabilities in a manner that can involve multiple vendors and systems.

Dr. Raquet’s technical contributions are wide reaching. He has been an active participant in the Institute of Navigation, where he served in numerous capacities and was elected ION President for the 2017-2019 term.  He received the 2006 Air Force McLucas Basic Research Award (Honorable Mention), 2002 Institute of Navigation Early Achievement Award, the 1994 International Test and Evaluation Association (ITEA) Time-Space Position Instrumentation Data Collection and Electro-Optic Test and Evaluation Award, and the 1989 John von Neumann Award (presented to the top cadet in the Astronautical Engineering Department at the U.S. Air Force Academy).  He was also AFIT’s first US Fulbright Scholar, serving as a visiting professor at the University of Finland and the Founding Director of the Autonomy and Navigation Technology (ANT) Center.

Because of these contributions, NDIA’s Integrated Precision Warfare Division is proud to name Dr. John F. Raquet as the recipient of the fourteenth annual Richard H. Johnson Technical Achievement Award and the 2022 Johnson Trophy.