Carl Avila

It is with great pleasure that the Precision Strike Association presents the Richard H. Johnson Award to Carl Avila. The Johnson Award recognizes outstanding personal technical achievement resulting in significant contribution to precision strike systems. The impact of Mr. Avila’s many excellent contributions has certainly been felt in the precision strike community. Most notably, Mr. Avila has personally contributed to a wide range of precision strike systems. He made these contributions in a number of roles, providing new battlefield capabilities to counter enemy threats.

Like Dick Johnson, for whom the award is named, Carl has a background which includes many precision guided weapons. He led both cost reduction and technology advancing efforts for a wide range of U.S. and Allied warfighters. Like Dick, Carl is recognized as a mentor, generously sharing his insight, and in many cases giving credit to others.

His career has enhanced the operations of the U.S. Navy, Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, and a host of allied nations. He has supported precision strike systems in long range strike, direct attack, and counter air. 

The wide breath of Carl’s contributions include roles as Chief Engineer for Bradley Linebacker, Chief Engineer for Avenger Air Defense System, Program manager for ALCM/CALCM, Affordability manager for F/A-18 and JDAM Program manager.

This award also recognizes his long association with PSA and NDIA as well as his influence and connections across the precision strike community, including his role as an early champion of networked weapons, as well as his honors and roles, which include Associate Fellow of the AIAA. 

Because of these contributions, the Precision Strike Association is proud to name Carl Avila as the recipient of the Richard H. Johnson Technical Achievement Award and the 2018 Johnson Trophy.

October 24, 2018