NDIA NEXT: Key Initiatives

In a rapidly evolving national security landscape, the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) is at the forefront of addressing the critical needs of the defense industrial base through our NDIA NEXT initiative. NDIA NEXT embodies our commitment to supporting our members, chapters and divisions, ensuring the U.S. defense industry remains resilient and capable of meeting the challenges posed by near peer competition. Our ongoing initiatives are integral components of this forward-thinking strategy. Below is just a small sampling of NDIA's efforts under the NDIA NEXT initiative.


Emerging Technologies Institute (ETI)

As part of NDIA NEXT, ETI is pivotal in advancing the development and integration of cutting-edge technologies within the defense sector. Through research, analysis, and collaboration, ETI helps identify and address technological gaps, fostering innovation to maintain the U.S. military's technological edge.

Vital Signs

NDIA's Vital Signs report has become a cornerstone of NDIA NEXT, providing an annual comprehensive assessment of the health and readiness of the defense industrial base. This initiative, with input from both government and industry, offers critical insights into areas of strength and vulnerability, assisting policymakers and industry leaders in making informed decisions to bolster national security. Vital Signs 2023 highlighted key issues that NDIA NEXT will address and, Vital Signs 2024 lays out many of the new initiatives that NDIA and its members will champion.


Regulatory Work

Our regulatory work focuses on navigating and influencing the complex regulatory environment affecting the defense industry. NDIA advocates for sensible regulations that promote innovation and efficiency while ensuring the highest standards of security and compliance.


SBIR Reauthorization

NDIA has been instrumental in the reauthorization of the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, a key element of NDIA NEXT. This effort ensures continued support for small businesses, fostering innovation and enabling them to contribute significantly to national defense through groundbreaking technologies and solutions.


Intellectual Property (IP) Rights

Protecting intellectual property rights is crucial for fostering innovation within the defense sector. NDIA NEXT includes initiatives to ensure that IP policies recognize the contributions of defense contractors and promote a healthy balance between protecting proprietary information and enabling collaboration.


Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)

NDIA actively supports industry with the implementation of NIST security standards and the CMMC framework as part of NDIA NEXT, enhancing the cybersecurity posture of defense contractors. By providing resources such as a library of webinar content and guidance, we help our members achieve and maintain compliance with these essential cybersecurity standards.


Supply Chain Resilience

Strengthening the resilience of defense supply chains is a top priority for NDIA NEXT. Our initiatives focus on identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities, ensuring a robust and reliable supply chain that can withstand various disruptions and threats.


International Cooperation

The strong regional and global networks of alliances and partnerships the U.S. has built and maintained since the end of World War II serve as diplomatic and military operational centers of gravity in national deterrence. NDIA is committed to advancing FMS modernization and improved technology integration with key U.S. allies and partners through NDIA NEXT

Wargames and Strategic Exercises

NDIA organizes wargames and strategic exercises under the NDIA NEXT initiative to simulate and prepare for potential future conflicts. These activities provide valuable insights into strategic planning, resource allocation, and operational readiness, ensuring our defense industry is prepared for any scenario.


Support for Chapters

As part of NDIA NEXT, we are committed to providing greater support to our chapters. This includes enhancing their digital presence with upgraded websites and offering comprehensive accounting support. These efforts ensure that our chapters have the resources they need to effectively serve their local defense communities.


Through these initiatives and more, NDIA NEXT demonstrates our dedication to empowering our members and strengthening the U.S. defense industrial base. Our proactive approach ensures that we stay ahead of emerging challenges, providing the tools and support necessary for our members to thrive in a competitive global environment.

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